DoubleStar's Workforce Insight® Enables National Health Insurance Company to Manage Talent Using Analytics

Client Challenge

A global health insurance and services company that provides an array of benefits, services and insurance options wanted to provide their Human Resources professionals with accurate, actionable information, such as turnover and workforce demographics, to enable them to increase employee performance. They also wanted to better understand changes in performance and the human capital factors affecting that performance. Critical questions they wanted to answer included:

  • Are we hiring the right people?
  • Are we appropriately incenting people to stay?
  • What specifically incents employees to stay and succeed? Compensation? Movement/advancement? Something else?

The company also wanted their Human Resources professionals to think less operationally and more analytically and strategically – to ask the “why” questions and find ways to better support their business partners. Instead of simply looking at a report with a turnover rate, they wanted them to drill through the organization, compare data, examine trends and evaluate cause and effect.

The company chose DoubleStar’s Workforce Insight solution as their HR metrics and analytics tool. The decision was made based on Workforce Insight’s ability to deliver accurate data with flexible reporting and trending tools, and it could be implemented rapidly. These qualities would yield immediate added value for the team.

Our Solution

DoubleStar worked closely with the client team to determine the metrics that were most important to the organization, as well as the calculation logic for those metrics. With a vast amount of data available in their ERP solution, it was critical to focus on those metrics that would most effectively help them meet their objectives.

Workforce Insight was configured to present those key metrics in a simple manner. The intent was to guide the user – not overwhelm them with a deluge of data.

Business Impacts

As a result of the Workforce Insight implementation, the company was also able to normalize metric calculations across the organization. The system was configured to drive consistency and a common metrics language between the user groups.

Additional benefits realized by the client include:

  • Reduction of time to develop a key quarterly report from 50-100 hours down to 5-10 hours.
  • Ability to examine turnover metrics (role-specific, gender, band and performance) and then use the data to create a scorecard for their business partner.
  • Delivery of baseline data for diversity plans (minorities, females by leader, location, band, etc.).
  • Analysis of turnover and workforce demographics for a particular population and clinical populations.
  • Ability to examine turnover trends within their client groups and determine where turnover was most prevalent.
  • Assess areas of risk relative to the aging population and potential near-term retirements.

With Workforce Insight, the client has made tremendous strides in teaching their users to think more analytically rather than operationally. Now that they have an analytical tool, they can drill deeper into the data, compare organizations, analyze trends and take actions to ensure improvement.

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