Global Pharmaceutical Company Reinvents Recruiting Strategy and Saves $2M in Recruiting Costs

Client Challenge

Following the acquisition of a large competitor, a global pharmaceutical research and drug development company needed to reorganize its HR function from a shared services model to a decentralized HR function. The client also recognized it needed to revamp its recruiting processes, many of which required major improvements and reintegration.

Furthermore, as the companies melded their workforces, hiring demand became unclear and unpredictable. DoubleStar was engaged to help the firm reinvent its recruiting strategy, processes and methods to allow it to fill more than 1,500 R&D positions annually worldwide.

Our Solution

DoubleStar helped the client transform its traditional recruitment function into a consultative, business-focused team with specific recruiting missions tied closely to business objectives.


  • Immediately installed a team of recruiters that directly filled 1,000 positions in 2 years
  • Trained all of the client’s global recruitment specialists on recruiting skills in both the US and abroad
  • Consulted with the Corporate Recruitment leadership team on a variety of recruitment improvement initiatives, including metrics and analytics, university recruitment, best practices and strategic benchmarking

Delighted with the results and the relationship, the client selected DoubleStar as their exclusive business partner for ongoing process improvement, recruitment strategy, talent optimization and consulting work.

Business Impacts

As a result of DoubleStar providing a fully outsourced recruitment operation, hiring cycle time has been reduced by 30% for R&D hires, and recruiting costs have been reduced by $2M annually.

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