Solutions in Action


Global Pharmaceutical Leader Leverages Its ATS Investment to Improve Recruiting Process Efficiency and Recruiter Satisfaction

Client Challenge

As a result of mergers, acquisitions, and multiple changes in recruitment priorities over a four-year period, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer's ATS implementation had grown outdated, creating process inefficiencies, disparate system versions and work-arounds, and issues with recruiter usability and candidate experience.

Our Solution

The client was ready to de-install its system and replace it, but DoubleStar reviewed the implementation and suggested leveraging the client’s investment in its current tool instead. We began with a complete evaluation of the client’s current state, assisted the client in building a vision of the desired state, and evaluated the gaps between the current and ideal states to determine whether the current system could support the solution the client needed.

We then designed and executed an optimization plan focused on bringing the client's implementation into alignment with its present-day needs. We built a new set of system requirements and process workflows that added the value needed. We reconfigured the current system to accommodate the new process, implemented it, and retrained the recruiting team in the new process and toolsets. We monitored results through the go-live and stabilization phases and made iterative changes as new requirements were discovered. We even provided ongoing support to keep the system current with changing requirements and provide customized reporting packages as the business requires.

Business Impacts

This optimization project resulted in a nearly immediate increase in user adoption and recruiter satisfaction, and our continued involvement in the day-to-day management of the client's system has ensured the tools continue to stay in sync with changing business needs. The system is not only current with the client’s needs, but it also provides a more efficient processing platform and is much easier to maintain and modify.