Solutions in Action


Global Technology Leader Integrates an Off-Shore Business Unit into Its ATS

Client Challenge

A worldwide technology leader needed to integrate one of its largest off-shore business units into its ATS. This unit, based in India, was using a home-built web form to serve as its career site and ATS, and integrating this large unit would require a focused and dedicated effort. With no in-house resources available to run the project effectively, this firm turned to DoubleStar’s Talent Technology Team (TTS) to provide a solution.

Our Solution

DoubleStar’s TTS team reviewed the client’s current state to understand differences in the two processes, collected all requirements of the hiring process and developed a set of requirements for an “ideal” state. We then led the implementation, which included constructing a pair of two-way interfaces (one for the client’s home-built HR management system and one for an assessment vendor), integrated the two processes into one unified process, and trained the global team. After go-live, we implemented ongoing refinements.

Business Impacts

This project was completed in under 3 months, enabling the new business unit to utilize the full ATS to support its peak hiring season. The unit was now seamlessly integrated into the corporate ATS system, with no disruption to current users.