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Is your Talent Acquisition team ready for the "Next Normal" recruiting environment?

One of the logical responses to the pandemic taken by business leaders has been to put recruiting and hiring on hold. Certainly, a reasonable strategy until the crisis is better understood and plans can be developed to recover and return to a new path forward. With the current understanding of the effort that will be needed to reopen the economy, it might be some time before business leaders are comfortable with resuming normal hiring practices.

  • What are you doing to build and maintain your active candidate pipeline?
  • Does your team have an on-demand talent community ready to be activated when needed?
  • Are you proactively communicating with your candidate pipeline to provide updates and information?
  • Are your virtual recruiting efforts leaving candidates wondering where they stand in your hiring process?

How companies recruit top talent has dramatically changed in a short period of time. Once the economy reopens - where will you begin? Will you be ready for the "Next Normal?" One of the ways we have been helping our clients over the past few years is with our Talent Scouting Services. Talent Scouting takes a proactive approach now to identify, build and engage active talent pipelines to meet approaching growth initiatives. This is exactly what many organizations need during this unanticipated "break" from customary practices to be prepared for their "next normal" recruiting demands.

DoubleStar's Talent Scouting methodology has combined our multi-layered candidate research initiatives with refined methods of direct candidate engagement to introduce specialized opportunities to targeted candidate pools. This approach provides engaged, qualified, interested, and suitable candidates to recruiters for direct contact. DoubleStar's Talent Scouts will identify and engage potential candidates to:

  • Introduce and present specialized positions and organizational value propositions
  • Evaluate credentials and assess interest levels
  • Confirm location and travel requirements
  • Review compensation and experience levels
  • Gauge overall hiring fit and viability
  • Continue efforts and communication to maintain an active pipeline for future hires

Talent Scouting provides customized candidate targeting for current and/or future openings and features current candidate profiles. This initiative will also identify and source passive candidate prospects direct from competitors as well as similar or targeted organizations. All prospect and candidate data identified during the project will become a recruitment asset for future hires and the sole property of the client.

If you are interested in learning more about DoubleStar's approach to Talent Scouting and how it can impact your current and future recruitment efforts, please contact, Tony Trasatti, Managing Director at 484-557-4117 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..